New Year’s Resolutions For Dems & Gop

Here’s the observer’s impartial advice to Democrats and Republicans, and my personal thoughts.  My primary resolution for all—read my novel Roll the Dice now available on Amazon, Good Reads and Barnes & Noble.



Resistance is Insufficient.  Quit focusing on Melania’s shoes and how often the President is golfing.  Offer an alternative message—What is the Democratic plan to improve Obama Care? Enact reasonable gun control? Any ideas on how to reduce income inequality? Specific plans to improve equal justice?

In my novel Roll the Dice, protagonist rock star Tyler Sloan campaigns as a political independent for the United States Senate in Nevada.  Sloan campaigns with joy and optimism—resistance is not an optimistic message.

            Remember Your Roots.   Dems need far less emphasis on cultural issues and far more on economic issues.  Balance the needs of the working and middle classes and less focus on progressive special interest groups. 

            Study the Electoral College.  Hillary Clinton carried California by more than four million votes and New York by nearly two million—but she lost Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin by a combined total of 80,000 votes. Understand the issues that resonate in the Heartland.

            FOR THE GOP

            Capitalize on the Economy.  Unemployment is low, the stock market is booming, and the economy is churning with an improving GDP.  Explain how our booming economy benefits the middle class with economic growth, more jobs and higher wages. But don’t stop, work harder to reduce income inequality.

Forget the Wall.   It will never be built.  Many Republicans do not want to pay for it.  Democrats loathe its symbolism, and Mexico will never pay for it.  Reconvene the “Gang of Eight” on immigration with Senator Marco Rubio crafting a bi-partisan solution with improved border security and DACA legislation.  

            Ignore Bannon. Stephen Bannon has his followers, but is not capable of building even Republican coalitions or building a bigger tent. Bannon showed his true colors by supporting Roy Moore in Alabama, perhaps the most singularly flawed candidate of either party in recent times. The Republicans would have kept the deep red seat with any candidate but Moore.  Bannon was responsible for the Democratic win in a seat that was all but impossible.

Talk Less. Tweet Less.  Trump is the king of the self-inflicted wound.  Stop tweeting about Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.  You won. Trump needs to reduce the constant tweeting and provoking of needless battles with Republicans and Democrats. In Roll the Dice, Tyler Sloan maintains his outsider status but understands how to adjust to the political arena.  Can Trump?


Get outside and enjoy.  Pick your head up from staring at the phone when you are in an elevator, parking lot or walking on a sidewalk.

Be passionate for your causes, but don’t let them ruin friendships. Whether you believe Trump or MSNBC is the gospel, enjoy time with your friends who share a counter view.

Maintain your friendships and focus on your family.  That time is more important than one more hour at the office.