Tyler Sloan & Kid Rock - Rock Star Political Candidates

Life imitates art.

                  Kid Rock, the Michigan based rock star, has launched a voter registration drive to lay the groundwork for a possible run against United States Senator Debbie Stabenow.  

                  In my upcoming novel Roll the Dice, Tyler Sloan, a member of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, leaves the Las Vegas stage to campaign for Nevada’s United States Senate seat.  Sloan runs as an independent, without the support or shackles of the two political parties.  

                  Sloan, the protagonist in my novel Roll the Dice, is pure fiction.  My agent sold the novel for publication later this year.  Sloan is an unconventional candidate with an unconventional campaign.  He discards the typical campaign trappings;  dismissing lobbyists, limiting campaign contributions to $100, and with media advisor in tow, concentrates on generating free and social media.

                  For a Republican to unseat the two-term, Democrat incumbent Stabenow would require an untraditional candidate.  Kid Rock needs to emulate Sloan and shred all of the usual political trappings.  Sloan bicycles in Lake Tahoe, walks down Reno’s busy sidewalks to chat with voters, gets behind the wheel for an Uber drive, meets voters while standing in line at Starbucks, and blasts baseballs from Las Vegas batting cages.    

                  IF he runs, Kid Rock’s first step is to campaign as Kid Rock and not his birth name Robert Ritchie. If you go for it—go all the way.  After all, his breakout song was “Wax the Booty.”

                  Early Nevada polls on Sloan’s race placed him a respectable third, trailing both his Democratic and Republican opponents.  Early polls indicate Kid Rock leads his Republican opponents by a substantial margin and is within striking distance of the incumbent.  Stabenow is sufficiently unnerved by the rocker’s possible entry that she enlisted Elizabeth Warren to sign a fund-raising letter on her behalf.  Michigan is a purple state that Obama carried twice.  The state tilts light blue, just out of the reach of previous Republican candidates until Trump squeaked by with a margin of victory of .03%.

Sloan and Kid Rock are both authentic candidates that challenge the political status quo and disdain “politics and government as usual.”  Each candidate is comfortable on stage and on the stump.  Sloan never changed to squeeze into a comfortable political label; expect the same from Kid Rock, his webpage courts voters who are, “tired of the extreme left and right bullshit.”

                  Sloan’s life of sex, drugs and past scandals was campaign fodder for his opponents and the media.  Kid Rock has sang about drinking, hookers and strippers.  One shared tidbit of their past; a sex tape exists for both candidates, Sloan’s was more edgy, he was entangled with his Republican opponent.

In their personal life, each rock star engages in personal and substantial philanthropic activities.  Sloan’s foundation donates funds to house the homeless; while Kid Rock’s foundation donates to theater groups and local museums.  Albeit the presidents were from different parties, Kid Rock supports President Trump while Sloan supported the fictional Democratic President Bret Reed.

                  Sloan was born into a political family, his father Mike was Governor of California and a serious presidential candidate.  While Sloan campaigns without a necktie, on Kid Rock’s campaign webpage he’s wearing sunglasses and a Fedora adjacent to a stuffed deer.

                  This fall, check out Roll the Dice to determine Sloan’s fate as he skillfully dodges corruption, internal chaos, his estranged relationship with his father and sexual tension with his media advisor Bree Baker.  Sloan’s candidacy shook the political world.  Sloan and Kid Rock further confirm our celebrity dominated culture.  If Kid Rock runs, strap in for a fun ride, as his keyboardist Jimmy “Bones” Trombly said, “That fucker could win.”