Scattered Notes On Trump & Democrats

For better or worse, Donald J. Trump’s demeanor dominates his presidency.  He appears as a man with a burning need to respond to every issue, blowback and challenge—he needs to “pick his spots;”



            If Trump is all about the “art of the deal,” he should finalize the Chuck and Nancy deal on Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), forget the wall and gain funds for increased border security;

            Trump should offer a solution on; health care or infrastructure or tax reform that gains some Democratic support—pick one and achieve a legislative victory;

            The President desperately needs legislative victories now, his chances will be nil if the Democrats gain control of the House in 2018;

            Why attack Bob Corker, John McCain, Rex Tillerson, Jeff Sessions and other Republicans—blowing up the Republican party is not a winning strategy, it’s a strategy that pleases 30%, it’s not a governing strategy;

            If Trump and Elizabeth Warren are the 2020 nominees, the time may finally be ripe for an independent or third party candidate.  My upcoming novel Roll the Dice will be published November 28th, the novel’s protagonist is rock star turned political independent candidate Tyler Sloan.  Could an independent candidate ever prevail nationally? 

            The President rarely has a filter but his base loves it;

            Trump overplayed a winning hand.  He has the majority on his side to stand for the national anthem.  He should calmly explain that standing for the anthem and saluting the flag bind us as a nation and honors those who fought and died for our freedoms, while acknowledging we need to address racial injustices. Attacks on NFL and NBA athletes as “son-of-a-bitches” was politically tone deaf and more divisive;

Elected Republicans have no reason to politically fear a president with 30% approval ratings, Republican Senators and Congress members are untethered to enact their own solutions it’s a Republican mad dash to the political lifeboats;

            Trump has one central flaw—he talks and tweets too much.


            California Senator Diane Feinstein continually offers common sense gun control measures;

The Dems need more than resistance to win in 2018;

            Dems would be best served by offering a positive agenda;

            Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti has an uber bright political future—but where?

            Too many Dems favor ideological purity rather than pragmatism;

Would the Democrats be best served with a celebrity candidate?

Al Franken could be a force in 2020 Democratic primaries;

The Democratic Congress members that refuse to acknowledge a moment of silence for the Las Vegas victims are shameful; you can observe the silence for all victims, it is the least you can do, and then propose and fight for your beliefs on gun control;

Can the Dems strike the balance and articulate a message that secures their base and appeals to alienated American Heartland?

            Dems have a problem when Nancy Pelosi takes heat from ultra libs for securing a promise to support DACA from the President;

            Nationally, identity politics will always lose to economic populism;

            Democrats should offer a tax reform policy that promotes economic growth.